Finance for Board Members
29th August 2022

Finance training for Board Members

Finance can be a complex business and Board Members do not need to understand each and every aspect of their organisation's finances.  However, the Board is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the organisation is financially sound and all Board Members are expected to discharge certain key financial responsibilities.

With important decisions being taken by the board around the corporate plan, budgets and risk, this half day course will equip board members with the knowledge and skills to discharge their strategic financial responsibilities.

Who is this course for?

All new and existing Board Members and senior managers who work with the Board

How is this course delivered?

The workshop is delivered by a mix of Powerpoint presentation and case studies/group discussion. Slides are used by the facilitator to set out best practice but most of the workshop involves consideration of case studies and facilitated discussion of practical issues that relate to the financial responsibilities of Board Members.  Time will also be spent reviewing a typical set of accounts of a public body