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On Board provides a wide range of advisory and support services to Boards (and the Executive Leadership) of public bodies which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. These services include:

Promoting Good Governance

  • Providing practical advice on all aspects of corporate governance, from how to handle a conflict of interest to managing key relationships within and outwith the Board
  • Providing resolution and mediation services in respect of relationship breakdown within the Board or between Board and the Executive
  • Drafting governance documentation such as guidance for Board Members, codes of conduct, policies and procedures (including conflicts of interest and whistleblowing), corporate governance manuals
  • Carrying out governance reviews
  • Undertaking investigations

Board Development and Evaluation

  • Facilitating Board development workshops (including Strategic Planning events)
  • Undertaking Board effectiveness reviews and evaluations to ensure compliance with sector guidance and best practice
  • Developing and implementing Board Member appraisal systems

Audit Committees and Risk

  • Undertaking reviews of Audit and Risk Assurance Committee effectiveness and evaluations to ensure compliance with sector guidance and best practice
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of Internal Audit Services, including compliance with the Public Sector Internal Audit Standards
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of Risk Management arrangements and compliance with best practice
  • Facilitating Risk Review and Risk Appetite workshops
  • Developing and implementing Risk Assurance Frameworks

How Good Is Your Governance?

Use our Governance Improvement Tool to benchmark your governance arrangements against best practice and generate an instant Report and Action Plan for improvement.

Watch this short video of Professor Frank Clark CBE the well-known governance expert, explaining how the Governance Improvement Tool works and the 5 simple steps that you can take today to improve your governance.

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