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On Board Training

On Board Training provides essential training, advice and support to Boards and Board Members of public bodies and other organisations sponsored or funded by public bodies.

We are committed to supporting the Boards of public bodies and contend that most public bodies are well governed and provide good (sometimes even excellent) services to the public

Our aim in everything we do is to enable Boards and Board Members to become even more effective in discharging their vital (and often undervalued) roles in these challenging times

Our range of services encompasses every aspect of Board life, from delivery of the On Board induction training - now recognised as the world's leading Board Member induction programme, undertaking reviews of Board effectiveness, advising on conflicts of interest and other governance issues through to providing a range of excellent audit and risk management services (including reviews of Audit Committee effectiveness)

Why On Board training?

In choosing to work with On Board Training, you will benefit from:

Bespoke Training

Our training is provided on a public/open course basis but can often be even more effective and better value for money when tailored specifically to the requirements of individual organisations and delivered in house

High Quality Service

Feedback from clients consistently highlights the excellent quality of training and support provided and the resultant successful outcomes. These outcomes include increased knowledge of Board Members, empowerment of the Board, improved behaviours, better relationships and enhanced Board performance

Public Sector Focus

On Board Training is unique in its focus on corporate governance in the public sector. We understand the public sector environment. We regularly work with Government in developing best practice guidance and tailoring Board Member training for specific sectors.

Track Record

Our track record and experience in delivering training and advisory services to Boards and Board Members is unrivalled. Our trainers have experience of working with Boards of public bodies in every sector in every part of the United Kingdom. All are recognised as experts in their field

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